Java Domain Value Framework

I've just released the 'Domain Value' framework for easily creation of Java domain value classes.



Maven Dependency
Example: BankAccountNumber
public class BankAccountNumber extends LongDV {

    protected BankAccountNumber(Long value) {

    public static BankAccountNumber of(Long value) {
        assert isValid(value) : isNotValidText(value, Id.class);
        return new Id(value);

    public static boolean isValid(Long value) {
        return LongDV.isValid(value)
                && value > 0;

    public static BankAccountNumber of(String stringValue) {
        Long value = Long_of(stringValue);
        return of(value);

    public static boolean isValid(String stringValue) {
            Long value = Long_of(stringValue);
            return isValid(value);
        return false;



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